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Breakfast Project

Did you know that there are children that start their school day on an empty stomach? This project aims to provide school children with a healthy breakfast to address this vital nutritional gap. We aim to achieve this goal by providing healthy breakfast items for families and schools in such need. Our sponsors or children from our organisation raise funds from home and donate either their money or breakfast products for schools and families in need. We provide breakfast on a weekly basis to more than 2,500 children and many school families through 13 schools. Every year we add a few new schools. If you are interested in involving your school, or you are a donor and would like to support our project, please submit your expression of interest here.

Fresh Fruit Project

Fruits are an important part of a healthy diet and unfortunately are easily overlooked, and for a few, not always accessible. This project was set up to teach children the importance of healthy eating and incorporate this into their lives. The aim of the project is to serve families in need, along with children from underprivileged backgrounds. We regularly provide fresh fruits on a weekly supply to more than 2,500 children across 13 schools. Every year we add a few new schools. If your school is in need, or you are a donor and would like to support our project, please submit your expression of interest.

Lunches for Kids

We provide free lunches for school kids. Every year we add a few new schools. If you’re interested please submit an Expression of Interest Form. If you are a donor and would like to support our project, contact us here.

Groceries for School Families in Need

We provide weekly fresh groceries and monthly non-perishable items for families who are in need. Every year, we add a few new schools. If you’re interested please submit an Expression of Interest Form. If you are a donor and would like to support our project, contact us here.

Celebrations and Important Event

We distribute lolly bags or gifts on Grandparent’s day, Easter and Christmas or any other special event to serve students who are in need. If interested please submit an Expression of Interest Form. If you are a donor and would like to donate new toys or new books or other gifts suitable for children or items for party bags, please contact us here.

Health Awareness Projects for Schools

This project is about children interacting with doctors, dentists and other medical professionals to learn about how they deal with illnesses and other medical issues and also to get involved in activities which focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. If you are a school that would like to have seminars from doctors, dentists, health care workers or fitness trainers please submit your expression of interest here. If you are a fitness trainer or health care worker and would like to support our project, please submit your expression of interest here.

Expression of Interest

Community Kindness Projects for Schools

We run numerous kindness projects which support individuals and groups in our wider community. These include projects for: patients in hospitals - our neighbours - people who require ongoing mental health support - homeless people - the elderly living in our community. We run projects where students write kindness letters to kids in hospitals, cancer patients, elderly in neighbours and whoever is in need of love and care.

We invite you to refer to our yearly calendar to decide which projects you would like your school to be involved in: Cards for hospital patients, Children’s Hospital or Paediatric units and Mental Health Units -Schools can select the dates Cards for nursing homes and homeless people on celebration days– Schools can choose celebrations and dates
International Day of Happiness- Activity submission date 20 March
National Doctors Day- Tentative Date of activity submission 28 February
NSW Seniors Week - Tentative Date of activity submission 1 April
National Nurses Day - Tentative date of activity submission 15 March
National Midwives Day - Tentative date of activity submission 15 March
Little Helpers Neighbours week - 1-7 of July
National Police Remembrance Day - 29 September - Activity submission date 20 August
Mental Health Month - October National
Teachers Day - Activity submission date 20 September
National Grandparents Day - Activity-25 October - Activity submission date 1 October
National First Responders Day - 28 October - Activity Submission date 29 September
End of year Community Helpers cards - 15 November
Submit an expression of interest form by sending an email at [email protected].

Duke of Ed International Award

We provide support for students who are participating in this program to complete the required hours of voluntary community service. Through Little Helpers, students will not only be participating in community service, but will also be actively bonding and connecting with their community members to spread love, kindness and respect to those who are in need. Students will also be provided with an opportunity to work with disadvantaged communities, spend time with the elderly in nursing homes and participate in the numerous other projects we offer. We design and develop individual program for each student where they not only get the opportunity to work regularly according to their time availability but they also learn to design and execute new projects under our supervision. If you are interested, there is a minimum requirement of one-hour voluntary work per week for at least 6 months. Please submit your expression of interest by completing this form.

Aged Care Projects for Schools

We regularly visit aged care facilities and run numerous projects for the elderly which your students can participate in, such as Pen Pal club, card making activities for the elderly, writing kindness letters, STEM clubs with the elderly at nursing homes, Lego clubs with the elderly, story time, elderly tea parties and theatre performances.

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The value of an idea lies in the using of it." -Thomas Edison

Story Time

This pandemic has revealed that the future belongs to creative and innovative thinkers and those who remain optimistic, despite the circumstances. Those who are successful in adapting to a new ‘normal’ and exploring innovative ways of connecting with each other. We have introduced a project to nursing homes, where our aim is to decrease the inter-generational gap, as well as provide company to our elderly. Wherever you are, you can be part of our kindness initiative. Don’t allow your circumstances to limit your capabilities and potential, instead, see them as an opportunity. Our Story Time project is an innovative idea our creative thinkers have come up with, in order to close the gap between generations, and improve the mental well-being of our lonely elderly residing in nursing homes, particularly given their limited circumstances. We invite children from schools, our volunteers, libraries, and anyone around the world to participate in helping us to cheer up our elderly, who are currently facing overlooked challenges, as a result of the current COVID-19 restrictions. We invite kids to Read A Book for our elderly. For more information, please contact us via email.

We aim to connect the most vulnerable in our society – our youth and the elderly –through simple acts of kindness. Children at your school can regularly connect to your local nursing homes via Zoom video calls on a monthly basis and do many different kindness activities for residents.

Close the gap

Neighbour’s Week

Each year we celebrate neighbour’s week on 1-7 July to connect our volunteers to the people who live around them and to teach them to take notice, build relationships and act with responsibility within their community.

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Competitions and Encouragement Awards for Kids

We regularly hold competitions to encourage participation for kids, as well as fantastic prizes to be won, to have fun, and benefit the community.

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Kindness Cupcake Project

We distribute kindness cupcakes for staff and principal at schools, to show our love and respect to those who care for our children and show our appreciation for the work our teachers do for us.

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Corporate Community Volunteer Program

Corporate volunteering provides an organisation with the opportunity to do good and bolster its reputation within the local community. This program offers a unique way for staff to serve the community. We run many different types of projects under this program; these projects are efficient, flexible, cost effective and have a huge impact on beneficiaries and the wider community. You can involve your staff to do one act of kindness with us - monthly kindness activity program. Further information will be provided on request.

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Protect our World

We encourage students to actively participate in activities which promote sustainable living. Through this project, students will be taught the importance of protecting our environment by:
● Planting a tree
● Adopting an animal
● Earth Hour
● School fruits and veggie garden
● Bottle Cap Project – students collect bottle caps and donate to organisations who make bionic hands for kids in need
● Ride a bike to school
● Walk Safely to School Day
● Recycling Lesson
Submit your expression of interest at [email protected]

Kids Club

We invite every child to join one of our specially designed clubs, which includes a Holiday Camp, knitting for a Cause, Craft Club, Science Club, Sports Club, Baking Club, Computer/Programming Club and/or Little Teacher’s Club, clubs for children with special needs so they can develop their practical skills, motor development and most of all, have fun! They also learn to spend their time wisely and participate in group activities and projects for a noble cause. 

Run fundraisers and become a part of the Little Helpers family to support our vision and mission. For more information, submit your expression of interest here.

Little Helpers Family

Community Service Hours

We provide opportunities to students to complete their community service hours via our wide range of programs. We tailor individualised programs according to each participant. If you would like to get involved in this program, submit your expression of interest here.

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Study for Life

Little Helpers on the Run’s “Study for Life” project encourages the children of our community to help their peers who are in need, by providing them with the tools to encourage learning, such as gifts of stationery, web-based learning tools or other education related gifts. We help our children to work together as a team to improve reading, writing and mathematical skills through interactive play and competitions. We also offer a limited number of school scholarships and our “Make Me A Genius” program to children in such need.

Visit Make Me a Genius Webpage 

Through schools’ kids are encouraged to find their neighbourhood park or some area in school in an individual capacity or gathering a group of kids who can think of improving somewhere in their neighbourhood that looks neglected. To promote a healthy living environment, we encourage students to Hook Up with Little Helpers to Clean Up their local environment, such as their school grounds and local parks. We further encourage schools to involve parents and other family members to Hook Up and Clean Up during the weekend and/or during school holidays and share their stories with Little Helpers via social media.

Hook up to Clean up

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We endeavour to hold charity runs and physically go to disaster sites to conduct emergency relief to those most in need. If your school would like to support this project, submit your expression of interest here

Disaster or Emergency Relief Projects

Be Somebody who Makes Everybody Feels Like Somebody

Fresh Ideas

We welcome and always encourage kids to come up with ideas to spread kindness in the community. Fresh ideas, is a mentoring program to guide children in planning and launching a charitable project of their own. We provide support to children as they research a cause that they are passionate about, plan and execute fundraising and provide hands on experience in social responsibility. The children are solely responsible for the cause, the money raised and the deployment of the funds – creating valuable learning opportunities in being active compassionate citizens.