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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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"What a Wonderful Initiative you are Implementing With our Young People Teaching Them the Value of Kindness and Thoughtfulness."

The Hon Kim Beazley AC Governor of Western Australia

Never Leave any Opportunity to do Kindness!

Never leave any opportunity to do kindness. If you want be anything, be kind, be a hope to someone, be a sunshine in someone’s life. We are very grateful to our doctors who are our true heroes. They sacrifice time and effort every single day to save lives. Their kindness is exceptional, especially given the current complex situation, where there was so much pressure and fear, our doctors did a marvellous job and tried their best to keep us safe and healthy.

Hard Times do not Create, it is During Hard Times the “Hero” Within us is Revealed. Thanks for all of Your Hard Work During Covid Pandemic.

Always try to Find a Reason to Appreciate Others

Always try to find a reason to appreciate others, to show others that they are important.
By doing this you are not only making a difference in someone’s life but also learning how to be grateful for the things you already have. Given the situation Covid Crisis our midwives deserve to be appreciated and acknowledged even more for what they have done for the community. Our Little Helpers and their elderly friends tried their best to acknowledge the work of our midwives. They did extraordinary effort and made thank you videos and send kindness cards with sweet treats to our midwives at hospitals and nurses at hospitals, at community centres and at many nursing homes. Altogether cards and chocolates were delivered to almost 100 centres.

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The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian, MP-Premier of NSW

"I Have Been Very Touched by the Effort Everyone has Gone to!"

We Love Creating Magical Moments for our Children.

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"Thank you for the Great Work Little Helpers on the Run Does to Support the Health and Wellbeing of the Communities!"

The Honourable Steven Marshall MP Premier of South Australia

We were particularly touched when kids from Bobin Public School made cards for the Little Helpers and chose a very unique way to thank us. They sung a “Rain song" for us, which is a testament to their resilience as a community and everyone couldn't help but feel emotional at being able to witness this tight knit community. Your acts of kindness is definitely an experience we will never forget.

Little Helpers at Barnardos

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“Be the Person who Makes Others Feel Special. Be Known for Your Kindness and Grace.”

 Thanks for all you do for the Community!

No words seem adequate to express our admiration and gratitude for your efforts during this difficult time. Thanks what you have done for the community. We are truly grateful for you and your team services.

Message for our Health Care Workers, Frontline Essential Workers and all our government officials  

Our lovely children at The Ponds School thoroughly enjoyed the effects of dim lights in the party.

We Love Doing Absolutely Amazing Parties!