“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” — E.E. Hale

Projects for Nursing Homes

Our children regularly do many activities with/for our elderly at nursing homes.

Integrated Children and Nursing Home Program

Our Integrated Nursing Home and Children Program integrates children and the elderly and provides a platform for both to work together on many projects, which not only helps our elderly but also our children and the wider community. 

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Integrated Nursing Home and Children Program
 This program targets every child to not only counterbalance the loneliness and boredom often experienced in nursing facility life but also, aims to engage children with the elderly from a very young age. Children in foster care and those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, kids with special needs and children without their grandparents positively benefit from this program. These intergenerational interactions lift the spirits of our elderly and greatly enrich children’s social and personal development. Aspects of this program encompass Projects: Learn a Skill from the Elderly Program,  INC Visits, INC Giving Back Projects, INC Centres and INC Clubs.

Giving Back to the Community Kindness Activities

INC Giving Back Projects

INC Giving Back Projects involve children working in partnership with the elderly in giving back activities, which are meaningful goodwill gestures of appreciation and kindness acknowledging the work of our local educators, law enforcement, first responders, paramedics and medical personnel. This initiative positively impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of the people working in these sectors, while bringing joy and a sense of pride for the children and our senior friends working together to give back to those who protect and serve our community. Elderly also involve in knitting projects to provide warm items for the homeless and children in need.

We involve the elderly with children in many giving back kindness activities.
You can choose to be part of all activities or just one from the list below.

Calendar for Activities

• Cards for hospital patients, Children’s Hospital or Paediatric units and Mental Health Units - Nursing Home
can choose a date.
• Cards for homeless people on celebration days - Nursing Home can choose any celebration and dates.
• International Day of Happiness - Activity submission date 20 March.
• National Doctors’ Day -Tentative date of activity submission 7 March.
• National Nurses’ Day - Tentative date of activity submission 25 March
• Little Helpers Neighbours week - 1-7 of July
• National Police Remembrance Day - 29 September-Activity submission date 30 August
• Mental Health Month - October
• National Teachers’ Day - Activity submission date 30 September
• National First Responders Day - 28 October-Activity Submission date 10 October
• End of year Community Helpers cards - due last week of November
Find further information on this program by emailing us at [email protected] 

Learn a Skill from the Elderly Program

Knitting, Language or any other skills which our elderly can teach our children. Knitting projects not only enable our children to learn a skill from their elderly friends but also provide warm items for the homeless and children in need.

INC Centres

INC Centres facilitate an environment for the “book-end generations” to come together for expressive interaction with the vision of connecting childcare centres with nursing homes. Regular outings are arranged for the elderly to visit childcare centres and for children to visit nursing homes. 

INC Club

INC Club – many Clubs are run throughout nursing homes, facilitating the opportunity for our elderly to pass on their knowledge and skills to young children in the areas of language learning, Lego, knitting, crocheting, craft and Pen pals. 

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What we do, we do with Love and Care!

Respect your Elders.
Learn from the people who have walked the path before you… respect them.
Because someday and sooner than you could ever imagine you’re going to be old, too.

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Projects for our Elderly Friends!

Respect Your Elders
Spending time with elderly can light up your live.

Aged Care/Nursing Home Visit

In small groups, children visit the elderly living in aged care. Profile matching is facilitated where possible to match our children with an elderly person with whom they may connect with best. Children distribute some small gifts like a mug or warm socks or hand lotions etc. to each resident. 

Lego Club

Unique, Enlightening, Life Changing Program; specifically designed for nursing home residents to improve their mental wellbeing and cognitive functioning. Through this program, we connect our elderly with the community and their families, particularly their grandchildren.

Neighbours and Nursing Homes

 We aim to connect neighbours with their elderly neighbours living at nursing homes, we encourage neighbours to be a part of, and attend, monthly Neighbours’ Tea Party Projects at nursing homes. If you would like to become a part of this project, submit your expression of interest here.

Aged Care/Nursing Home Visit

In small groups, children visit the elderly living in aged care. Profile matching is facilitated where possible to match our children with an elderly person with whom they may connect with best. Children distribute some small gifts like a mug or warm socks or hand lotions etc. to each resident. 

National Grandparents Day

We run many kindness activities for our elderly grandparents at nursing homes and arrange special visits to nursing homes on National Grandparents Day to show appreciation towards our wise grandparents.

NSW Seniors Week

 We conduct numerous activities to raise awareness about and show appreciation for the elderly in our community during NSW Senior Week. 

Aged Care/Nursing Home Visit

Visits has children regularly visiting residents in nursing homes with gifts, handmade cards or chocolates. They run many projects actively engaging the elderly residents in social, mental and physical activities.

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“The Secret of Change is to Focus all of Your Energy, not on Fighting the old, but on Building the new.” –Socrates.

Therapeutic Art Club

We run therapeutic art clubs at nursing homes which not only helps in improving mental health and the general wellbeing of our residents through creative activities but also allow them to enjoy the company of their young friends. This activity also provides an opportunity for elderly to give back to community. We donate art work produced by our elderly and children to someone in need of love and care.

Elderly Tea Party

Neighbours and resident’s family and friends are encouraged to attend a monthly Tea Party at a nursing home.

Secret Mission Project

 On the night before any special celebration like Easter, Eid, Christmas etc. our Little Helpers secretly stick hand-made cards on the door of their elderly friend’s room and leave balloons, chocolates and gifts in their room to give them a surprise when they wake up in the morning.

Story Time

 Story time for seniors brings everyone together, young and old alike. Reading storybooks by children to the elderly creates opportunities for bonding, warmth and love. For the elderly who loved to read all their lives, listening to someone read to them brings great comfort and joy. 

Ice Cream fun With Elderly

Little Helpers raise funds for the project and buy ice cream for our elderly in nursing homes. Kids set up a small mobile ice cream parlour and serve ice cream to their elderly friends.

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We Love our Elderly Friends

Playdate in a Park

We arrange playdates where our kids visit and play with the elderly in parks during their regular outings. 

BBQ with Elderly


Little Helpers helps in arrange a fun BBQ party at nursing homes. 

Lets’ Read Together

 Kids in groups, visit nursing homes where they read newspapers, books of combined interest or letters for their elderly friends. 

Playtime with Elderly

We play games like Balling, cricket and board games with our elderly friends at nursing homes on a regular basis.

Special Celebration Gifts or Events

We distribute gifts on special celebrations to spread love and kindness within the community.

Hold a Spa Day

Children visit nursing homes to have some fun. The kids participate in group activities with elderly women, such as nail art, hair styling, make up etc. 

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 Writing kindness letters to the elderly at nursing homes.

Pen Pal Club