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Our volunteers have compassion for all individuals and perhaps most important of all, they have a strong shared desire to serve the community. Their hard work, determination and dedication is our organisation’s strength. 

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Meet Some of our Dedicated Team Members!

Dr. Faryal Zehra
Founder and CEO of Little Helpers on the Run
MBBS, MRCS, FCPS I, PhD (Surgery, UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

 Dr Zehra is a clinician and researcher with extensive experience in community work both locally and overseas. She firmly believes that every individual can bring something positive to the community; it’s just a matter of providing them with the right opportunities.

Dr Zehra’s vision of creating an organisation where children from all backgrounds and ethnicities work together in bringing positivity to their local communities led to the formation of Little Helpers on the Run.
The foundation of her idea was to involve children in need in local community work alongside other children – a unique element of this organisation. She believes that involving children in community work from a very young age would have a lasting impact well into their adult lives and enrich their local communities and the people around them. Therefore, it is essential to actively engage children and encourage them to get involved in helping the needy from a very young age.

Dr Zehra’s vision is to improve people’s mental and emotional wellbeing by involving individuals to support healthy and positive activities; to enhance lives both physically and mentally; improve health awareness; connect the elderly, the homeless and others in need with children by engaging them in a wide array of kindness activities. Through this engagement, newly learnt skills are developed, self-confidence grows along with a stronger sense of community spirit.

The backbone of the massive success of Little Helpers on the Run’s community projects is the newly learnt skills applied in the vast majority of our activities. The firm belief of developing bridges between the young and old where generations come together and contribute their time and effort for the betterment of their local communities and those in need. These unique projects have been designed where not only children help the elderly but the children acquire benefit themselves by learning from elders’ experience. Children and the elderly work together in sharing kindness across communities near and far. Where adversity, disadvantage, loneliness, hardship, need and hunger, homelessness and difficult circumstances exist, Little Helpers on the Run gives hope, a smile, some company and a helping hand to those in need.

Dr Zehra has designed all Little Helpers projects to foster love and friendship, which benefits both volunteers and participants. Many of the projects have been designed to provide a sense of accomplishment in our Littler Helpers and among the participants of these projects.

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Meet our Team

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Ali Pirzada
Bachelors and Masters in Information Technology

Ali has completed his Bachelors and Masters in Information Technology. He works as an Application Support Analyst and has a number of years of experience in working with people from different backgrounds. He assists to oversee data management and provides support in developing new solutions.

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Dr Samreen Zeeshan


Dr Zeeshan is a practising GP and has a massive interest in serving children and women in need. She brings with her several years of experience in health-related voluntary work. She promotes Little Helper’s mission and provides professional advice when required.

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“Herein lies an opportunity for you to be an inspiration, and an individual who will help to change the world to become a special place. Helping someone in need is one of the most inspiring and rewarding acts of human compassion.”

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“There is a way to do it Better—Find it.”
Thomas Edison

We are always ready to explore new ideas and collaborate with like-minded organisations, no matter what part of the globe they are located in. At Little Helpers, we believe in finding unique ways to spread kindness.

“We should be focused on building things that don’t exist.”
Larry Page, Google Co-Founder

Meet a few of our Global Team Members
Little Helpers on the Run, United States of America

Ms  Yousra Nasar

Project Coordinator United States of America

Ms Nasr received her bachelors in economics and political science. Ms Nasar has entrance experience in community service. She has researched marginalised communities as her final research thesis. She’s been active in her community in college and outside of it by teaching underprivileged kids in her local area. She’s passionate about engaging with children and understanding their evolving needs.

Our Team of Experts

Meet some of our professionals who comment and provide advice on our projects.

Dr Samreen Zeeshan

Dr Rasool is a practising GP. She joined Little Helpers in 2016 bringing with her extensive experience and skills in dealing with individuals from various communities and age groups. She has a passion for seeing change and for making a difference in the lives of those she interacts with.

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Dr Nadia Khan
MBBS, MPH, DCH, Grad cert Educational studies, FRACGP

Dr Khan is a practising GP and University lecturer. She joined Little Helpers in 2016 and brings with her vast experience in the areas of education, women's health and children's health.

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"If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards." 
Bear Bryant

Dr Kuan-Chi Wang

 Dr Wang by profession is a Breast & General Surgeon. She is an active and passionate member of Little Helpers. She has a special interest in people’s mental well-being and health. Her experience and wealth of knowledge in dealing with people from a variety of different backgrounds and different age groups and understanding of health conditions has a huge advantage in understanding the needs of the community and the importance of Little Helpers projects. She actively participates in many kindness initiatives throughout the year.

Dr Sara Saleem

Dr Saleem is a practising doctor. She was involved in charity work for a number of years working in an individual capacity. She also took part in voluntary and charity work before she entered medicine. It is Dr Saleem’s passion to help those in need. She is particularly interested in working for children’s needs and also, working with children. Her interest in improving the mental wellbeing of children and involving kids in kindness activities initiated from a very young age and is the reason for her joining and becoming a part of Little Helpers. 

Dr Chris Rizos
Bachelor of Surveying (UNSW) 1975, PhD (UNSW) 1980 Professional Bio: Chris Rizos is an Emeritus Professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW, Sydney. Australia

Chris is a Past President of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG), and currently President-elect of the International Union of Geodesy & Geophysics. Chris has been researching the technology and applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems and other positioning technologies for over three decades, and is a named author of over 650 journal and conference papers. His expertise is geodesy, surveying and navigation.
Chris Rizos has an interest in helping his community, and currently volunteers to assist with food services at the Exodus Foundation in their kitchen located in Ashfield. He also volunteers at the Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged located in Earlwood.

Meet Our Editorial Team Members

 Diana Rizos

Diana’s career background is primarily in managerial, technical and administrative support roles in both the public and private sectors. Her diverse industry experience encompasses aged care, health and fitness, telecommunications, medical, legal, banking, electricity and retail. Diana currently works as Quality, Compliance and Risk Manager for the Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged. She is also an accredited service provider for NDIS under the improved health and wellbeing category. Diana writes and presents training sessions to aged care workers and delivers presentations to diversional and recreation therapy personnel. Diana greatly values the notion of social justice in giving back to the community and contributing to the welfare and wellbeing of people in need. Her belief in this concept equally extends to the responsibility of looking after the welfare and wellbeing of our animals and wildlife. Diana’s passion is equality and accessibility for all regardless of personal and socioeconomic circumstances. She has been a Justice of the Peace NSW for 29 years and has been a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant for thirteen years. Diana is an avid writer and poet of humour.

Aiza Khurram

Hi, my name is Aiza  and I have been a volunteer with Little Helpers on the Run since it was founded. I have been involved in many major projects such as visiting the Aged Care homes, working for the homeless, helping families in need, helping in grocery drives, regularly visiting our elderly friends at Linburn, Ainsley Care and Gallipoli Home every week, card making activities for community helpers and many more kindness activities. Over the past few years, I have been regularly involved in writing and editing for Little Helpers on the Run. I have a great passion for reading and writing and I absolutely enjoy writing and talking about what I have experienced in our projects. I hope that through my writing, I will be able to share some of my experiences with the wider community. Overall, I have been involved in thousands of community kindness activities with Little Helpers and these projects have allowed me to enjoy many new experiences, learnings and skills, and friendships. To have an elderly friend not only creates great company for each other but it’s also extremely rewarding with that feeling of great inner pleasure of giving yourself and your time to an elderly person who needs company. It is a truly rewarding activity.

Ayesha Khan

 Ayesha is a passionate young teacher who has been a part of the Little Helpers team since 2016. She has recently graduated with a Master’s in Teaching- Primary and has been working with children with various educational needs and backgrounds for many years. Ayesha’s decision to embark on this journey with Little Helpers on the Run when her passion, knowledge and experience collided, opening up an avenue of hope, love, and compassion. She strongly believes that every child –despite their needs, experiences and skills – matters and deserves an opportunity to make their voices known within and throughout their community.

Maria Asif

My name is Maria Asif, and I am 17 years old. I have just completed Higher School Education and graduated from school. I have been an active volunteer for Little Helpers on the Run since 2016 by participating in many parties, aged care centre visits and children’s hospital visits. Partaking in these activities has helped me become more aware of others as it serves as a reminder that there are many people in need of kindness and respect as they have limited support. This has helped me to ensure I maintain small acts of kindness throughout my daily routine, to benefit and impact others. I have always enjoyed literacy, which began with reading at a high level and translated into writing essays. I intend to apply these skills and attitude in my career as a businesswoman. I believe writing is a powerful tool that can be used to express oneself, and influence individuals to question notions. Through my role as an editor of Little Helpers on the Run, I hope to share the impact of my experiences, in an attempt to have a positive influence on others.


My name is Abdur-rahman, 18 years old just completed my HSC. I have been working as a volunteer with Little Helpers on the Run for a couple of years now, at multiple aged care homes and it has honestly been one of the most eye opening and uplifting experiences of my life. In a rapidly ageing modern society, I have found a passion in giving back to the community by engaging with the elderly, who often are divorced from their families, yet have a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to share. I have always been an avid and wide reader, and this has translated into my love of the craft of writing. In my opinion, words are the single most important tool in engaging and influencing public opinion, and I am hoping that through my role as editor at Little Helpers on the Run, I may be able to share some of my experiences with the wider community. I am extremely thankful to Dr Zehra for giving me this worthwhile opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and I would love to pursue my passion and pursue a career in medicine in the future.

Vicki Grasso
Project Manager

Vicki, has completed a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration and Certificates III and IV in Fitness from the Australian Fitness Network. Vicki’s passion is health, fitness and sports. She is the owner and Principal of Body First - a personal training service. At Little Helpers, she assists in planning and executing fitness related projects and projects children with special needs.

Aish Khurram

I am Aish. I have been involved with Little Helpers on the Run since the age of three. I am now in Year 3 at school and regularly participate in the majority of Little Helpers’ projects. I love visiting the elderly and keeping them company. I love our chats and I learn a lot from them also. I like encouraging them to participate in our card making activities. I have made so many new friends during my journey with Little Helpers. We work on kindness activities together and have a lot of fun bringing happiness to other people. I enjoy creating my artwork, reading books and exploring new places. I play many sports regularly but mostly, I love gymnastics. I learn and practice many hours of gymnastics every week. I am very excited to be part of the Health and Fitness Awareness program at Little Helpers on the Run. We help other kids become involved in teamwork and to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Meet our Health and Fitness Awareness Team

Meet our Young Bookkeepers

We involve children in various stages of our projects giving them responsibility and developing skills in bookkeeping and project management. The children who are involved in our grocery projects maintain records of all stages of each project including records of purchases. We have introduced the idea of taking young kids who have been trained with us for a few years and engaging them as account assistants.

Abdullah Khurram

My name is Abdullah. I’m 12 years old and currently studying in Year 7. I have been involved with Little Helpers on the Run since the foundation of the organisation. I have engaged in thousands of projects and community kindness activities including visiting the elderly in Nursing Homes; mentoring other kids and buddying up for learning sessions; card making activities and delivering gifts and chocolates with the organisation.

I am very passionate about helping others in particular, the elderly and children in need. I firmly believe in the value of appreciating others and always enjoy participating in all appreciation projects for community helpers and our essential services. Police, Fire & Rescue, first responders and paramedics, our doctors and nurses, State Emergency Services and firefighters all play a vital role in keeping us and our communities safe.

I am very much interested in sports and regularly play many team sports with my school. I love competing and outside of school I love playing soccer, cricket, tennis, badminton and basketball. I also love my individual sports of swimming and athletics.

I have recently started to work as an account assistant with Little Helpers. I am really excited about my new role and look very forward to learning new skills and discovering new opportunities.

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