Projects for Children With Special Needs

Parties for Children 

We run morning tea and special events at schools for children with special needs, reconnecting them with the wider community and creating a support network of new friendships. We have limited spots available each year. If you are interested please submit an Expression of interest form.

Expression of Interest

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” ― Henry James

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Special Needs School Staff
Cupcake Project

To distribute cupcakes for staff and principals at schools which provide education to special needs children; to show our love and respect for those who care for our vulnerable children, in appreciation of the invaluable work our teachers do.

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Projects for Children With Special Needs

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Park Walks With Children With Special Needs

To arrange and combine outdoor excursions and park walks with children with special needs. Art competitions Run art competitions in partnership with schools for children with special needs. This activity can be run where children can be paired with our volunteer kids or other school children. All competitions will be for fun and encouragement and all kids will be rewarded.

Create Your own Garden

Little Helpers donate gardening material to schools that have students with special needs. They do this activity either with our volunteers or their own teachers. Volunteer kids can join the project depending on the policy of institutes and timings of the projects.

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Big Sister and Big Brother Club for Children With Special Needs

Establish groups of children to conduct different activities with children with special needs, pairing them with older volunteer kids. Activities can include sport/ physical games, computer games, perception puzzles, literacy/numeracy, social support groups and mentoring.

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Baking Clubs

Running baking clubs for children with special needs, where these kids and volunteer kids can learn different baking skills such as decorating their own cupcakes, working in pairs.

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Decorate Your Own Cupcake 

In small groups, children will decorate cupcakes with children with special needs, and/or donate cupcakes to hold an event in the school.

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